I don’t just Hula

I don’t just Hula ;And prance around this pretty stage

Like a little brown ballerina; The palm trees taught my hips to sway,

I wear their leaves in my skirt; And flirt with sunlight like they do

With its oil on my skin; So that I not only move, I shine

Finely in the eyes of those; Who find my brown skin beautiful.

I have the ocean in my veins; And sunshine in my hair,

Playing in my curls,; And though I don’t have that cocoa blend

My ancestors did, Im a islander

And nobody can say that I’m not. I don’t just dance

To take my stance on a dashboard; I move to the rhythm you hear and I feel.

With my body, I translate my culture; So that you better understand

Where I come from; And what my side of the world is like,

With our little islands and big hearts; Where we sway and shake and stomp,

Passing along our traditions to our brothers & sisters ; And showing those who will watch

That we don’t just Hula .

Helava - South Pacific Islanders Facebook Page
(via tiare-tipani)



Kaona - a love poem to a dying language

This poem, which styles itself as a love poem to a long forbidden indigenous language, i.e. Hawai’ian, is incredibly strong. 

Too emotionally raw for this. So good. 

(Source: youtube.com)